Sunday, 24 July 2011

Snow Shoot - Behind the Scenes

A pictorial account: all images are the property of Martina Randles

Cars of Australia Part One

Unsure where this inner engine sniffer has emerged from, perhaps that particular facet would have lain dormant, untouched, had I not reached these shores. Australia has drawn out elements of my character and taste I never knew existed, that is not say I don't appreciate good design, its just never have cars drawn my focus so much. Here is a collection of those that have left me in awe, bewilderment... there will be more to come, I see them all the time, so if you don't like engines, I suggest you look away now.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

An incongruous collection of images from Sydney

Not only do you find old pairs of shoes on most street hung over power lines as a massive non-committal statement, birds, by the dozen, or in this case hundreds can be found too, there must be an abundance of bread somewhere.

I'd forgotten how much I loved the taste of mince pies, silly me, I had a whole winters worth of catching up to do.

What I would like my retirement to look like.

The bird seemed indignant in the face of so many tourists, here is my rock, my family has been here for many centuries. Great posture.

Sydney antiques centre, full of a billion things you would like to one day own, with hefty price tags attached, no sales people harassing you either, a fantastic hangover experience.

Domestic flights in Australia, minimal security checks, I smuggled, unintentionally so loads of sewing needles in my hand luggage, my ID never saw the light of day, as nobody asked me to confirm who I was throughout the trip. Australia, the land of non-terrorists.

Monday, 18 July 2011

HBO - titties on show...

It seems yet another HBO show has managed to ensnare me,


Similar themes of misogyny, from a mythical time when women had a different role in society, lots of nudity and darkness. And Sean Bean looking less hot. 

Snow BALLS of momentum.

Not entirely sure what has happened with my time here in Melbourne, but the days are flying by so quickly, my evenings disappear - I barely have time to update my blog. I am no longer in a job where I am required to be someone's assistant, in charge of my own workload the momentum had increased tenfold. I finish work late and I'm actually satisfied that I've made a mark somewhere. It's not entirely in the field of my choosing but it serves to remind me that self worth comes from being productive in any arena. And most importantly its spurred me on artistically, by selecting the creative areas I am finding energy for and focusing on fun projects. One of which is a shoot I have coming up this weekend, were off to the snow! It's amazing how many snow references you find when you start looking for them, when your friends start contributing too in it turns into a giant snowball, (excuse me). 

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Kings Ari-ght?

Is a art initiative/studio/exhibition space run by artists for artists, my friend sits on the committee, so I have found myself there on numerous occasions (when I say numerous I really mean twice, the first time I was that drunk I turned up with a bottle of fizzy wine I'd stolen from the previous party.) This exhibition seemed better than the last, although I'm not entirely trusting of my judgment that night. I particularly enjoyed the sculptural nest of tables by Anna Horne, I would have happy given in pride of place in my lounge. Her work consistently invokes a response.

Everyone loves a phallic object, non?
Checking out the tools

The exhibition runs at Kings Ari on King Street until 30th July closing with an artist talk from 4pm.

Melbourne by Night

Melbourne does roof tops really well, the best ones serve alcohol, or provide a secret viewpoint at which to observe passers by with ease. This one was under lock and key until liquid lubrication allowed us to venture upstairs, it was fantastic, a great place to hang on a summers (or winters) night.

Pre-roof, the studio space is great in the dark

Monday, 11 July 2011

Diana - Sloganed up

Brunswick has been very giving to me, in the warmer months I would find myself outside Melrose Place sifting through all the goodies left for the Op Shop. Disclaimer: The guy in the shop told me anything left outside was free for all as dumping was prohibited. One night I was walking home and I found a mini trolley full of magazine, vogues from 87, 95, 2001... three crates, I couldn't be bothered to sort and it was about to rain, I carted them home... I am going to start uploading some of my favourite images like this one...

Diana styling it with her raybans and slogan bag.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Gravy Train choo, choo!

Melbourne is busting at the seams with musicians and artists, so much so, that its easy to get lost in amongst the mediocre. With so many scenes, gigs, parties, raves happening it's important to not only know where to go but what night to go on. Such as the case for the Old Bar, which I'm told is a decent boozer anyhow, Thursday night was the third of a three night show for Melbourne horror country seven piece band on the eve of their overseas tour. The venue lent itself perfect to a good ol' hoe down, people were jammed in and jigging away, the atmosphere was fantastic. Alas my camera didn't enjoy the light conditions, hopefully this clip will offer an insight... yet they were much more raucous in a packed pub downing shots in between songs.

Graveyard Train, not to be mistaken with Gravy Train (which I did), or the Credence Clearwater Revival song, or the 80's American band by the same name.

Strangers From Now On-Midnight Town Live from TBA Film & Design on Vimeo.

Strangers from now on, for ages I though the lead singer was a woman in disguise and had gone to the effort of wearing a moustache as though it was part of the act, his voice is amazing, with dare I say it, traces of Patti Smith, solid performance. This was the only

Friday, 1 July 2011

Community Cup

2011 Community Cup, two local indie radio stations unite against Melbourne bands in the name of charity, and fun.

Cheerleaders and streakers were common place, I witnessed three naked men bunny hoping each other. This guy was particularly cheeky and managed to maintain the attention of the crowd for some time, had we arrived in the first half we would have been treated to the sight of breasts bouncing freely across the pitch. There is something very juvenile yet extremely enlightening about nudity at a football match!

Iconic Melbourne band You am I performed both on and off the pitch, the gig was rather entertaining.