Sunday, 17 June 2012

☠ ✇ Sunday Morning Riots ✇ ☠

Dragging myself out of bed and onto the computer for writing session, this will help.

Dr Dre - The Day the Niggaz Took Over, (The Cronic) 1992 via Kyson East with footage from the 1992 LA riots.

Plan B - Ill Manors 2012 via Emma Willis the music video features footage from last years London riots.

Ill Manors the film, is Ben Ballance-Drew's (Plan B) directorial debut and is out on general release following its showcase at Cannes 2012.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Music to come home to

So I've finally got round to writing again, amazing what an injury or two can do, I've had a death wish since returning home, 90MPH motorway car crash, weekend (sober) exuberance around the house leading to hours in A&E, fractured chest and two crutches later, I'm horizontal and spending one of the best time outs ever catching up on music, friends and my close companion the internet.

Since my world tour I have returned with fresh ears to savour the delights of the new school, or rather re-interpretation of the old (with a little bit of the new).  Moving slowly closer to the cusp of new music, yet perhaps a little self conscious of what I have to share with you.  So for now I'm coming at it from an angle of things I've missed and happy to hear from the last six months of being lost in Asia. (I guess I was busy living it up at the French Embassy in Burma with Aung San Suu Kyi, being the only white girl in town hanging with the Mayor and Chief of Police in Cambodia, hitchhiking on the back of rice trucks, that kind of thing).

Appreciative list of music I've been getting excited by...


What can say about this band accept I've spent a unhealthy amount of time listening to the album Give you the Ghost on repeat, it's the crack I've been searching for.
From June 12, 2012

Peaking Lights

Am I allowed to say I hijacked this album from the Crack Contributors Group (a secret facebook group, invite only) where music aficionados flex their muscle and vie for the best album reviews and gigs, its heady stuff.  Anyway the new album entitled Lucifer is available for streaming, its pretty sexy, have a listen. Hmm it appears I actually have Peaking Lights 936, funny how that works. 

Thee Satisfaction

Sexed up Jill Scott philly soul inspired hotness, smooth sassy and addictive Sunday party tunes. Thank you to Joseph Hodgkinson for pointing me in the right direction.


Ah man how do all these young boys do it! Yet another talented new garage/post dubstep producer, I loved 2 step the first time round, yet now its even more stripped down and beautifully arranged, looking forward to hearing him live this summer, still kicking myself about Field Day. Big up to Luc Le Corre, who reps this dude as much as me.

Wooden Shjips

New album West came out whilst I was away, they had fallen to the bottom of my playlist pile yet suddenly they seem so relevant and sexy, the yearning voice, the atmospheric garage guitars, I'm heading out on a journey, I may be a while.

Zak Matic

Via Kesh's blog, (her productivity is quite addictive, a great example of self promotion), he is the champion of Rap House, kinda like a modern version of booty bass, great for working to, clicks improve somewhat.

Nebulae (zAK-MATIC Remix)