Thursday, 6 August 2009

Banksy's Bristol

The ingratiation of my new home - Bristol - was further progressed on Monday when I found the energy to venture up to Clifton triangle via Park Street (sans bicycle - last time I had to jump of my bike two thirds of the way up and walk the remainder whilst gasping for air; much to the amusement of the seasoned hill walker). At the top was the rather majestic building which houses vast arrays of taxidermy, historical artefacts and for the last month or two Banksy's exhibition and conjoined assault on the museum. Here are some rather poor quality pictures, which still present a glimpse of what I enjoyed. We were lucky enough not to queue as we entered around 40 minutes before the gallery shut, however those arriving in morning should expect to queue for anything from 2-3 hours... (with queuing beginning at 8am).

The Banksy exhibition runs until the 31st August at the Bristol Museum.