Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Everything you say? Well nearly!

Check out the museum of EVERYTHING, yes everything, its ace! Seriously impressed by the array of art of display, not so impressed with the petulant kid screaming for pleasure whilst he parents did nothing to discipline her (boy what sort of adult is she going to turn into). The venue is an old recording studio set just off the main drag in Primrose Hill. You can still identify its function with most of the inner structure intact, it all adds to the experience. Inside you are greeted with amazing Indian sculptures that represent humans/animals, both beautiful and humorous. There is insider art, outsider art, naive art, folk art, I found myself wandering round in awe, jotting down artists I had never encountered before.

There were quotations from better known artists explaining the pieces, I was particularly captivated by an artist who created smaller versions of little girls made to look like dummies in slightly alluring poses, midriffs showing and suggestive tongue protruding out the side of mouth. Grayson Perry offers an explanation for these works, he talks about the taboos and the relationship the artist has with his work. In addition were items of girls clothing in frames, a pleated navy skirt and sweater; it felt calming, alluring and yet slightly uncomfortable. One room was filled with 40s style illustrations set as reliefs which spanned the length of the room, they featured children with long pigtails and willies, girls with horns and various subversions, engaging. The sheer volume of pieces, each one in there own right raised interest, took me aback. Illustrations, paintings, worth a mention was the 1950's fully functioning miniature fairground - about six mechanisms - all complete with illuminated moving parts, magical!

Get down there now, they were quite ambiguous as to how long the exhibition will last.