Monday, 8 February 2010

Crack Party

Bristol isn't the centre of the universe as far a media is concerned, yet it still capable of withstanding one or two good publications. One of those is a self-starter, created about oooh six months ago, by Thomas Frost and Jake Applebee ambiguously entitled Crack. The magazine covers all manner of subjects with a focus on art and music, each issue features illustrations, live reviews, interviews aiming to unearth Bristol's rather plentiful talents*. * Disclaimer - it does feature artists outside of Bristol too, but only if they are really good.

You can download a copy of issue four by clicking on this link.

Saturday was issue IV party time, with a celebration hosted by the Crack duo and one of their Ma's, we headed up the hill with bicycle to the Square Club in Clifton, notably one of the few private members clubs in Bristol (nice choice of venue boys). Inside we were greeted with a rather attractive and excitable crowd, primed for fun. The venue was intimate indeed, erring on the overfull, yet maintaining its composure. Jonquil were the headliners for the night, an impressive five piece from Oxford with a relaxed and rather poetic delivery; complimented by an excellent sound, big up to the tech guy!

Afterwards we headed to the Skins party for Toddla T, yah, dancehall, yah, bashment, and unsuprisingly he'd gone a little dubstep for the evening - you never know what tune-age you're gonna get from that dude. Highly entertaining nonetheless, we jiggled around like idiots, fitting in rather well with the under 21's. FUN. It was my first and noteably my last Skins party attendance, still its always good to see what the fuss is about. Sick and screaming probably?