Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Y.W.A. - Yoghurt Weavers Anonymous

From now on everything I do that is remotely hippy dippy will be logged under YWA - Yoghurt Weavers Anonymous, Sunday was such a day for me. Not content with filling my morning dashing to Cheddar car booty, to gather well, booty, for the house mainly, save a pea coat for any handsome man that may suddenly appear in my life. After said jaunt we headed over to boiling wells for the Wassail, which is 5 minutes from my house, yet felt like it could have been 50.

Encased by woods with an expanse of hills either side you were surrounded, no sign of modern life, just wood buildings and a roaring fire. We watched dancers, singers, storytellers and drank mulled cider by the fire. We were there to toast good health to the apple trees that were to bore the fruit for the cider making to come. We toasted bread on the fire and hung it on the tree. I wandered around chatting to adults and children, playing on the wooden xylophone and using the compost toilet. There was a relaxed sense of contentment. What a wonderful way to while away a Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately I didn't get there early enough to see Kid Carpet perform live.