Saturday, 30 April 2011

/New 11//////\\\\

We strolled along to the New 11 exhibition at ACCA it was the perfect size on a sunny day, in and out in 30 minutes. There are around 10 artists on display, presenting sculpture, installation, photography and clothing. I particularly enjoyed the interactive installation with sand, palm tree and skeleton, you enter through a cleaning cupboard which is fun. The clothing work was slightly disconnected, the artist had met other artists and designed clothes for them, which would be great if they were groundbreaking or well made - I struggled to connect with the concept. There was a room full of projections, with a larger than life character adorned in paper hair all over its body jumping around like a children's television presenter. A bicycle with triangle block wheels, it was rather hipster meets t-shirt design in 3D. A room with matt white disco balls shrewn over the floor. It was all fun, but without explanation some of it was lost, either that or there was no message in the first place. The show runs until the 15 May 2011, definitely worth a pit stop. We certainly felt cultural sat in the park post viewing boozing away.

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