Saturday, 30 April 2011

Bad diary keeping leads to fuzzy feeling inside...

A day late for one opening and a week early for another, a symptom of my flu like state bought on from five days of excess rolling into the three day week. A reminder that sometimes an early night is in order. I arrived at the second (perceived) opening with my first ever migraine, Ravi to the rescue, five minutes later I'm tucked up in his warehouse with water and pills. The royal wedding is playing out through the television speakers in the floor above. I shuffle upstairs in time for the procession, Diana, no sorry Kate, no I mean Kathryn, looks actually rather amazing. Phew we've pulled it off, I'm inwardly impressed that we got it right. For a minute their I thought it might be a stuffy number but the dress looks like a modern take on the princess fantasy every girl dreams of (when I say every girl, I don't really mean it, but if we did that's what it would look like). Dressed in a McQueen creation designed by Sarah Burton, it was only last year that Lee (Alexander McQueen) took his own life. It seems fittingly poetic that this was the British label/designer chosen for the task. The Chantilly lace every bit a Parisian bombshell of elegance, creating the modern coveted vintage feel, the shape is classic yet contemporary. With a slightly less exaggerated form, it provides a reference to the fairy tale without becoming a parody of it.

An excellent choice for a well executed day, I would have liked to have seen Harry with his big hair pulled into check, merely on the style stakes, he would have looked debonair next to his balding brother who was literally gushing with happiness.

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