Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mezcal Moving of Mountains

Since returning from my epic Indian adventure... 

....I've been going hard in an effort to counterbalance the effects of three months in another country (India is another country, yet it could easily be categorised as another WORLD), avidly avoiding the sedentary in fear of a massive comedown.  I've found myself literally running any engagement I'm able to squeeze into be it gig, party, rehearsal, shop launch, all have been excellent might I add.  

This evening is no exception for we line our stomachs and prep our ears before jumping onto the number 55 bus to the Mezcaleria Quiquirqui  a new bar tucked under the Golden Grill on Hackney Road for the Meadows in the Mountains party, an underground music festival located in the mountains of Bulgaria, close the capital Sofia. Curated by siblings Damian and Benjamin Sasse the festival seeks out emerging acts, championing all that is good from folk to electronic music to arts and literature.

Get there early as the venue is tiny with 65 capacity, Mohson Stars of Keep it Deep is on the decks from 2000hrs with many dj's playing throughout the evening. 

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