Tuesday, 18 June 2013

This is my housemate Will, he’s kinda poor too (he’s in the middle of his masters) and a rather stylish artist.  He’s usually on the other side of the camera, but today he’s showing us his garms.
This look is mostly about pulling together the resources of those around you to maximise your look.  In this case his rather talented boyfriend (more on him hopefully coming up), has made him a rather dashing top (from vintage jersey material) and  also a pair of tailored custom fit trousers which are tapered at the ankles.  It’s marvellous having a boyfriend who can make clothes, I’m just imagining the list of outfits I would offer in exchange for dinners, massages (Will is also a very good masseur if you’re in need), writing, heavy lifting, nose picking.  The scarf came as a hand me down from his mother and the socks were hand knitted (from Ireland). 
Do: Wear this outfit with a huge smile on your face knowing your promoting the talents of others, get a great sense of satisfaction knowing these items are not only exclusive, but tailor made for your shape.
Don’t: Enlist someone to make something for you unless you trust them, it will only hurt there feelings if you decide not to wear it.  
Start with getting you Grandma (if you’re lucky enough to have one) to knit you a pair of socks, or a scarf (I love knitted socks) before you invest in a premium and more complex black mohair jumper - I say black mohair jumper as I lost mine in India and have been pining (this includes contemplating knitting/learning to knit properly) ever since its journey into the unknown.  Its big task replacing such a valuable (in terms of emotional connection) and flattering wardrobe staple - it really did go with everything and keep me super warm.  Clothes are precious - value them, each has a sense of history and takes you on a journey, I have so many wonderful memories wrapped up in mine.  I do often ponder as to where it might be now - if only I had fitted a tracker device like the blogger from ‘my laptop is in Iran’ although maybe I might be in trouble if I did.  Perhaps the solution is to find a knitter and commission them, perhaps a trade of some sorts (more on this quest to follow).

Article lifted from most recent project fashion blog shoestringstylist

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