Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Back to the begining - get ur CRACK out...

Around a friends house the t'other day and one of my more recent friends, turned and quizzed me about a new magazine he'd seen entitled Crack, surprisingly to me, it seems a lot of Bristol or rather my new acquaintances walk round with there magazine senses closed. Crack has been around for nearly a year now and it's still being seen for the first time, five issues down, sixth one due out in the next month or so. Easily the strongest publication Bristol has to offer in terms of content, style and musical direction, which is why I put my writing behind it. Nothing quite matches it or even comes close, plus the two guys that set it (Jake and Tom) up are suitably sound, and rather hot too. With offices in Clifton they shirk off the 'we must be in Stokes Croft* to be perceived as cool', and take a more serious business approach (yes mate).
The magazine is heavily researched and has strong music and art leanings, with a focus on all things Bristol based. These boys love Bristol and pretty much know everything that goes on here that you need to know. I told Jake I was going to see the camera obscura whilst we were checking out Your Twenties last Monday - he looked slightly confused and a little disappointed as to why he didn't know they were playing, (for the record I meant the place not the band) this man is passionately obsessive, which is what you need to run a magazine. So for those that don't know already, get to grips, London folk you can download a copy here** and judge for yourself, it gives London mags of a similar size a serious run for their money. BIG UP! the Crack team!
* pretty much the perceived centre of Bristol for all things alternative (non-plastic based consumerism)
** well you could normally until I tried to and discovered the website is locked until re-launch - due in five days, so keep checking back!