Monday, 12 April 2010

Location Change - imminent return to the mothership

Apologies for my slackness in bloggage of late, I have been preoccupied with re-addressing the work/life/fun balance. My adventures in Bristol began with the faltered blossoming of a life-love-soulmate which wasn't meant to be, hampered by a broken heart I endeavoured to continue my quest in making a life for myself, internal wrangling ensued and the London imbedded deep inside me won. And so with a heavy heart - it's not easy moving on from broken dreams - I've found the strength to rip it all up and start all over again. Yeah!

Before I go, as a parting gift to a town that has opened it's arms to me I shall be blogging about all the places, people, events and specks of dust that have inspired or excited me in some way. It's all rather self indulgent but who cares.