Friday, 25 June 2010

Iphone 4 the new crack

It's hard to remove yourself from the grind of the office, into the wonderful world that exists beyond work. Yet without such jaunts one would fail to see all the hidden gems of amusement that linger in the city. Being bereft of my iphone, through reasons I am bored to return to, I often gaze longingly at those happy souls occupied and in love with there little hand held friends. I was once like you, yet now I am torn, the crack phone calls demanding a high price, 'can I justify the expense, and do I really need it, what if it leaves like last time...?' The launch of iphone4 made me salivate heavily, in fact its lure was so strong I spent two days in cold turkey contemplating the whiles of being able SEE who you’re calling and all the little add-ons. It's like bumping into an old boyfriend only to note how they've firmed up, tanned up and improved their wardrobe. My conscience says sleep on it £500 is a lot of money - equate the cost in practical terms - a weeks salary, a holiday, a new wardrobe, two months worth of food. I beginning to sound like an Oxfam advert.

My indecisiveness led me to hold fire on the spontaneous pre-ordering, quite lucky I did, as I wandered round I witnessed a long snake of people outside the two o2 stores I passed. I felt a little smug as most of the queuers looked decidedly glum. Fortunately for me, those people may actually provide a surplus of iphone '3's which means I won't have to fork out the higher price tag.