Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Spectacle opens at the Smokehouse Gallery

Thursday night saw the launch of Spectacle, a group show featuring eight contemporary artists working with photography, mark making and installation. The show carries a loose theme, which plays on the conception of archetype both modern and traditional. Rosie Emerson's staged photographs explore the goddess, featuring less-convential subject matter shot in a fashion photography style.  There is an endearing realness to her modern day heroine, strong female performers and characters shine from within. Rosie has made waves within the art world following on from a high profile commision for P&O. A personal favourite were the 'rescued' images from Kingston Fine Art Lecturer Andrea Stokes taken from a victorian peep show machine, her engaging black and white images display a plethora of ladies in a varing state of undress (and demeanour). Other artists works appearing are Wen Wu, Mercedes Baliarda, Nick Fox, Michael Anthony Jones, Kirstie Macleod and Casey Mckee.

Wen Wu poses for a photograph in front of her work.

Neatly tucked away, Forman's Smokehouse Gallery is a rather dapper looking piece of architecture, designed by Phil Hunt who sought inspiration from the salmon smoked therein.  With pink and blue facade and white beamed interior, it was the perfect backdrop for such an event. Further complemented by a large and acommodating roof terrace, with Astro turf lawn and views over the watershed and adjacent olympic village, a splendid setting for a summers evening.

Kirstie Macleod provides a captivating live performance in a magnificent fairytale skirt and black body paint, fastidiously writing the words of conversations overheard.