Friday, 11 June 2010

Maiden Voyage

Noah and I first met on the floor of trailer trash a now de-funct east London nightspot where the gays, straights and discerning fashion folk would come together and have a moderately unpretentious dance off. Space was limited (the club was usually heaving) so if you wanted to dance you had to really mean it. Noah's Lamé shoulder pads shone out to me like beacons complete with tractor beams, our eyes locked and as we shimmied in sync, friendship bloomed.

Noah is the proprietor of Maiden, a shop born out of the recession, off the back of redundancy. It sits unsuspectingly just opposite the old T buildings (now Pizza East) on Shoreditch High Street. Clientale have been slowly building, returning after each purchase for more of the quirky stuff, Miffy lights, solar powered royal highnesses, giant playing cards, Keith Haring wall transfers - they just can't get enough.

Maiden also stocks loads of thoroughly entertaining products, things you love to give and receive, novety cards, full english breakfasts on a plate, giant pencils, russian dolls, spacehoppers, gnomes, lucky cats etc. They have cool blue stripey walls and vintage books entitled 'Charles and Diana: The Royal Wedding Album', Whitney, the wonder years' as well as contemporary fashion and lifestyle titles.

Noah also sidelines as a member of Sandi Sirocco a pop act come eurodance troupe you can check out his work below.

Watch this space for an upcoming interview maiden maiden maiden maiden shop maiden shop sandi sirrocco maiden maide maiden shop maiden shop sandi sirroco