Thursday, 7 October 2010

Enter the Void Gaspar Noé

My experience of Enter the Void was never going to be as life changing as when I wandered into the Electric Cinema, with its red gloss walls and run down decor, at time the only picture house in town brave enough to show Irreversible. The film famed for it's real time female anal rape at the hands of a gay guy, revenge is sought and the guy eventually dies - his head caves in with aid of a fire extinguisher. In short though it's a love story between man and woman, the woman has a boyfriend, yet man still secretly longs for woman, beautiful. Gaspar Noé's new offering, perhaps not as shocking, offers something different, a drug fueled psychedelic experience, the closest to DMT I've got (DMT is the chemical released in the body when you die, it's reasonably available). The film runs for a 143mins (that's 2.5 hours), long indeed, two toilet breaks. Each chapter is separated by pulsating white emptiness. With trippy music and visuals the brain became disorientated and uncomfortable. Two siblings meet in Japan separated by traumatic events at an early age there love is a unconventional one and there world full of seedy strip clubs and drug dealing. A visual feast of neon and grime, the story loops until all the pieces slot into the puzzle, with bizarre and humorous sexual sequences providing comic relief to the heavy content. It's worth seeing at the cinema for visuals alone, yet perhaps purposely inaccessible at times, the film becomes slightly self-indulgent and left me time checking.

We ate at Fujiyama in Brixton, my first visit, the restaurant was packed, yet the food came quickly, it was delicious and fresh. The sushi and pickled ginger tasted sublime and the Ebi Gyzoa left me salivating for more. The main Prawn Katsu was on cue washed down with plum wine, Saki and Jasmine tea. Highly recommended, if you're down south, check it out.

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