Sunday, 3 October 2010

Take a chill pill coz somebody loves you

Yesterday was a big day for me I woke at 6am and styled a shoot 4 models, numerous looks and two locations. Quick refresh then out to Video Vision for Pump up the Volume, one of more popular 90's nights that have popped up over the last few years and darling Julie's birthday party. Do you think the people regard 90's nights in the same way we regarded 80's nights when we were growing up or has fashion and music caught up with itself? Yet hungover and tired, I'm sat at the desk in Maiden on Shoreditch High Street, watching the water fall from the sky and people hurry by. As a birthday treat for my housemate who works seven days a week, i've stepped in to run the shop.

For your pleasure and convenience I have selected the top five items to catch my eye. Perhaps an indication of my current financial situation you'll be pleased to discover they cost no more than a £9.99.

Lily Vanilli in a zombie ate my cupcake, £9.99 - a delightful book from east london's self-styled master baker. Favourite cupcake recipes include, shattered glass, mutant ears, blood stained brains and undead gingerbread. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming pop up shop happening in the basement of Maiden - just in time for halloween the countries first over 18's cake shop.

The original Chill Pill ice tray, £6.50 - what more could you want, just take a chill pill with any drink and you'll be right as rain.

Mini desktop sandcastle set, £9.50 - absolutely adorable, I love this, great fun especially with all the accessories. Comes with 2 small sandtools, castlemolds, sailboat, seashells and the sand obviously, the only downside is having such a nostalgic item on your desk would inevitably lead to you wanting/booking more holidays.

Somebody loves you and it's not just your mum card, £2.50 - they're rather popular i sold a few whilst working. Perhaps it's important these days for message to get across?

Fake (joke) parking ticket, £2.50 - personally speaking there is no escaping the inner child, I played out with glee the fun you could have, golly it comes in a pack of six.

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