Monday, 4 October 2010

Shuffle shuffle suprise shuffle

Sometimes I surprise myself, take today for example, I feel like i've listened to all the music I have ten times over. I console myself with shuffle, low and behold my hifi comes alive, here's my top five

Ah nige, not everyone's cup of tea, but African music/dance has a place in my heart, it gets me moving.

Peter, Bjorn and John many wrote off these guys as a one hit wonder, the track begs to differ check out Let's call it off, also.

Weird hybrid that somehow works, perhaps it's the blues undertones that I find engaging.

Ed Solo and skool of thought got me back into Casual there take on Got it like that is particularly strong too.

My soul danced from the first play of this album I remember clearly the time, place and sun's level as I listened with intent. Such a monumental track, for a monumental time in my life, happy memories.

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