Thursday, 14 October 2010

Love in a different light

After finding the perfect bum groove post supper Emma began to quiz me, she was pulling together romantic scenes to create a visual backdrop for this week’s Love to Love at The Bathhouse. A fortnightly Friday party which unceremoniously spins the tracks you long to dance to, hosted by the lovely Lucie and pals. The quiz theme was great film romance, the best scenes, kisses, moments - we went through the formats boy meets girl, boy meets boy, girl meets girl, girl meets boy then falls in love with girl. Then we came up with a list of films that featured children as leading characters with an unconventional love theme, top five below...

Paper Moon, 1973, this film is visually stunning with a superb cast and sharply engaging narrative, the actors are father and daughter (Ryan and Tatum O'Neal), which reflects in the strength of performance.

Leon, 1994, needs little explanation, the dress up is a personal favourite scene.

Corrina, Corrina, 1994, Whoopi Goldberg is called in to cure Molly's muteness after her mother dies, this film is cute to the core.

Matilda, Roald was a true genius, creating gruesome characters to scare and excite, Matilda is no exception, the villians are juxtaposed by the delightful Miss Honey, whom Matilda loves.

Curly Sue, Cute film, perfect for a lazy Sunday post lunch

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