Thursday, 25 November 2010


The chaos has well and truly descended on my world, in a vain attempt to maintain order I have a pile for each category - traveling, charity, storage and shipping, this becomes confusing. Having to make decisions on sentimental items, clothing that I may or may not yearn for at a later date, fully aware that I will be kicking myself for the items eagerly sought and shed with haste. The bigger omnipresent mind engulfing sentiment is the unknown - what am I doing? why am I leaving my home behind, my world is good my head spinning with all the possible scenarios that await me down under. I guess I should be excited and I am, if only I could complete the packing then my life might feel a little clearer. Here is my room, perhaps a reflection of my current head space.

On the plus side I have spent the evening drinking red wine with a Melbourne/London friend talking through the finer points of life downunderover.