Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Oozing hearts, pierced nipples, spots and all...

Eat your own heart out at Maiden was resounding success with people queuing down the road on the opening night and following days, alas its all over now, fingers crossed for next Halloween.

The launch was quite a racous affair with metal band The Defiled opening the shop, they smashed up a massive cake and hacked into a finger with a cleaver.

Oozing hearts by Lilli Vanilli

My pals, Matt and Natalie represent, loving the gifts on offer

The after party was held at Electricity Showrooms, gotta love the light up dance floor, (they filmed common people here, way back when).

Complimentary pre-tox potions (with added vodka) courtesy of Alibi, although unsure as to the effectiveness of the pre-tox, perhaps it was the tequila forced down my throat by Matt tipped me over the edge.

Love this bath boobie massacre sponge by Holly Andrews

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