Wednesday, 3 November 2010

New speak or recycled ideas? Saatchi Art Now...

We went to the private view for the new exhibition: Newspeak: British Art Now (part two) at the Saatchi Gallery, it was engaging, well some of it. Other works failed to grab my attention or if they did it was for the wrong reasons, obviously topical pieces, which seemed somewhat out of date, sensationalist art that had simply lost its effect due to overexposure. The venue is huge, three floors with an excellent, well stocked shop. There was however enough to make it worth the traipse from north east to south west, here are my highlights (I had half an hour, two glasses of wine and a tour guide for the adventure).

Tessa Farmer, brilliant name, great piece of art, intricately put together, with comical consideration.

Zoniel marvelling

We loved the quality of the painting, old school discipline with a modern subject matter.

Spot the difference

Good sense of depth, the print jumped out at you from across the room

Fairly tried and tested gathering of symbolic artifacts, yet on a massive scale, the piece raised contention as to the skill required to create said art.

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