Thursday, 7 July 2011

Gravy Train choo, choo!

Melbourne is busting at the seams with musicians and artists, so much so, that its easy to get lost in amongst the mediocre. With so many scenes, gigs, parties, raves happening it's important to not only know where to go but what night to go on. Such as the case for the Old Bar, which I'm told is a decent boozer anyhow, Thursday night was the third of a three night show for Melbourne horror country seven piece band on the eve of their overseas tour. The venue lent itself perfect to a good ol' hoe down, people were jammed in and jigging away, the atmosphere was fantastic. Alas my camera didn't enjoy the light conditions, hopefully this clip will offer an insight... yet they were much more raucous in a packed pub downing shots in between songs.

Graveyard Train, not to be mistaken with Gravy Train (which I did), or the Credence Clearwater Revival song, or the 80's American band by the same name.

Strangers From Now On-Midnight Town Live from TBA Film & Design on Vimeo.

Strangers from now on, for ages I though the lead singer was a woman in disguise and had gone to the effort of wearing a moustache as though it was part of the act, his voice is amazing, with dare I say it, traces of Patti Smith, solid performance. This was the only

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