Monday, 18 July 2011

Snow BALLS of momentum.

Not entirely sure what has happened with my time here in Melbourne, but the days are flying by so quickly, my evenings disappear - I barely have time to update my blog. I am no longer in a job where I am required to be someone's assistant, in charge of my own workload the momentum had increased tenfold. I finish work late and I'm actually satisfied that I've made a mark somewhere. It's not entirely in the field of my choosing but it serves to remind me that self worth comes from being productive in any arena. And most importantly its spurred me on artistically, by selecting the creative areas I am finding energy for and focusing on fun projects. One of which is a shoot I have coming up this weekend, were off to the snow! It's amazing how many snow references you find when you start looking for them, when your friends start contributing too in it turns into a giant snowball, (excuse me). 

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