Thursday, 30 September 2010

Things to do when you are unemployed

1. Sell stuff on eBay, it's time consuming, dull and you're mega skint - so you have no choice, as you desperately need the cash. I flogged my London Fashion Week goodies for a reasonable amount this week - useless make-up that will take up space and gather dust and most probably get used once on a whim and abandoned.
2. Waste/lose track of time, it's difficult your sleeping patterns become more erratic, you go to bed later as you get used to staying up because you can, you sleep longer because you can, and you take forever to decide on your outfit as you have plenty of time on your hands (that you could be putting to better use)
3. Write, read, watch telly. You begin to write then feel you must read more in order to become a better writer and what better time to start reading than now. Then your brain gets tired and stressed from the undue pressure and distraction of time with no structure. You turn to telly and find you're began to discover all these amazing programme's on iplayer, after becoming addicted and literally rinsing the whole series in a few days you wonder whether you actually liked the programme to begin with.
4. Discover other friends who are also unemployed to hangout with, you find yourself watching Toy Story 3 in 3D on a Wednesday afternoon in Islington Vue, disappointed by such endeavors you console yourself in Ottolenghi spending £10 on a truly wholesome and delicious salad (something I do not regret, one of the three salads was two types of beetroot with macadamia and griddled peaches, heaven).
5. Plan your future, you are thankful for the reflection period and time to 'put everything into perspective' but seriously, I'm over the down time, I want to get back to civilisation, and quite frankly so does my bank balance.

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