Thursday, 30 June 2011

Boat Crush - Alma Doepel

Docklands is proving much more giving than I first gave it credit for.

Without the distractions of Melbourne CBD (Central Business District = town) I have been forced to think imaginatively and delve deeper into my surroundings. I've managed to tap into my neglected physical abilities by running, in the begining without purpose/direction, yet now with a rather lovely and expandable route. When I say lovely I mean stimulating, past the motorways, industrial parks, next to water, floodbanks, underneath electricity pylons and round the warehouses of North Melbourne. It's a good stretch takes about an hour and the beauty is when I become reaccustomed to running and my pace improves I can extend the lap further. Away from the workers and other lunch time joggers I feel free, removed from the corporate (albeit temporary) world I inhabit.

Walking can also be a pleasurable experience, I discovered an empty boat next to a boat yard moored on the far side of the docklands...

In need a massive repair the boat had been stripped and exposed, laid bare its beauty was still apparent. I ventured into the hold with water underfoot, a dark and cavernous space greeted me, unsure of my surroundings, aware that no one knew of my presence, I trod carefully, still managing to knock my head I retreated back up the ladder into the sunshine. There were two main sections, below deck I was able to reach, the work horse at the front and the cabins at the back (I'm assuming it was the back due to the positioning of the instruments above).

The boat was the Alma Doepel

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