Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Z A R A rush

Seems bizarre that I'm taking a picture of Zara and sticking on my blog, after all not since I moved to London during my early 20s did I shop there, well on occasion during the sales maybe. I find Zara and many high street prices a little less value for money compared to the quality and originality of second hand clothes, notwithstanding H&M who seem to have the balance right. Primark became a little too guilty, full of queues and design defects for me to visit regularly. Yet Australia's high street prices are astronomical by comparison, so the arrival of Zara could be compared to the giant Primark on Regent Street opening. Sydney still has bouncers and queues to get into the store. I think I'll let the action die down before I pop in to buy a plain knee length skirt for work.

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