Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The For Walls

It seems very popular to have a gallery attached to a pub these days, its not enough to be a pub itself you have to be a lifestyle - represent a scene - to assist in building longevity. The gallery itself can say a lot about its clientele, the type of gigs it holds and its persona in general. For Walls is placed in a quiet (unless there's a band sound checking) enclave at the back of Miss Libertine. It held a group show to celebrate its first birthday, the artists on display were hit and miss, perhaps down to my non-skate/graffiti leanings the pieces that jumped out were more classical in medium and skill. It was affordable art which could happily adorn my walls and pieces that I would never connect with, still taste is subjective as they say.

Watercolours by Lani Siow (I could have happily gone home with one of these reasonably priced works of art)

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