Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Late night fumbles

Half price cinema on Monday pulls in allsorts or bargain hunters, our late arrival to Kino on Collins for the opening week of Bridesmaids, placed us with limited seating. We opted for a darkened (the film had already started) corner at the top right, there appeared to be two seats almost together and with gentle cajoling the occupants of the adjoining one spots, displaced themselves in our favour. However in haste it appeared we had joined the loopy's in what we later coined as the 'cottaging' corner To my left, was a man who was permanently foraging in his lap under the cover of his jacket which rested gently over his thighs and lower stomach. This was sound tracked with heavy grunting and large unpredictable laughter, to my companions right a salty/sweet sweaty odour drifted thickly across, tingling our nose buds as it went - less noise more constant shifting. The film was entertaining during the times I was able to draw my focus away from what was going on around me. I felt trapped in my seat and moved closer and closer to my ally for solace.

When the film was finally over, I felt the need to stomp out the claustrophobia with a walk, perhaps not home, but far enough to shake off the involuntary participant experience I'd been subjected to.

My walk took me through a deserted park late at night, yet somehow I felt safer there with the wind and gargoyles.

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