Saturday, 25 April 2009

Camden Crawl Round Up - Day One

Yesterday I was engulfed in reporting from the event and trying to catch the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in action. Finally getting my wristbands (note to self never wait until peak time to collect wristbands) just in time to catch the closing bars of Maps, which was about three songs from the end. This gave little time to adjust to the sweaty frantic atmosphere and embrace Karen O et al in the way they deserved. My enjoyment was also hampered from not setting the time aside to fully embrace the tracks and if I’m honest not being completely won over at the first listen the other night. Needless to say I was already worn out by the rig moral of collecting my guest tickets, didn't feel like a guest, cattle would have been more of an approximation. The queue was a joke and by the time I had slow shuffled to the font I could hear the head Hench monkey grunting the orders 'give no information out' and complaining how short staffed he was, nightmare. A quick dash across the road to the Enterprise to catch The XX who I had interviewed earlier in the day before their slot at MTV. I found them shy yet communicative; they have been playing together since they were at school, which showed in their restrained and intimate performance. Jamie's masterful use of the drum machine kept me glued to his fingers for most of the set. Then over to the Electric Ballroom to catch The Big Pink who I interviewed in Thursday, at first I didn't even realise it was then as they sounded completely different I think that was down to not knowing all the songs intimately and the way the sound was set up in the venue. We also saw SCUM (where a fight broke out) and Count & Sinden who I’m interviewing later today.

So round up from Day One - lowlights: queuing, falafel from Marathon (note to self - only tastes good when you are intoxicated), missing/not appreciating YYY's, lingering cattle-like feeling, arguing with boyfriend through frustration and tiredness.
Highlights - The XX, jiggling around to Count & Sinden

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