Sunday, 19 April 2009

Thank You Colin

Thank you to I am Colin for my first Dazed Digital associated freebie, whoever said fashion was all about free gifts and parties, might actually be right, at least it was on Thursday when I received a padded envelope containing a t-shirt and goodies from I am Colin. That very evening the freebie fairy struck again as I became the bemused owner of a KEIHL's / Lala's Boudoir (I think it was called that) goodie bag given to me at an exhibition of Alistair Guy's work. I can confirm this wasn't the norm, usually I scratch around for scraps of food around the office, Friday I stole a chip from Rankin's chip bounty near the water machine (fish and chips are his/the photography teams friday staple) and ate the weeks leftovers recovered from the fridge.  You can read both the I am Colin interview and the Alistair Guy write up here and here respectively.

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