Wednesday, 8 April 2009

From New Zealand to Italy

It has been over two weeks since I interviewed The Veils for Dazed Digital and yet it still haunts me. Much to the annoyance of my housemates I content myself by playing 'Sit Down by the Fire' from their recently released album 'Sun Gangs' on repeat. Yet, I'm drawn back (again on repeat play) to Finn Andrews (second album/title track) Nux Vomica, which crept unsuspectingly into my ears as I ate popcorn in the Rio Cinema.

The source for reprisal is an Italian film entitled Il Divo: the Spectacular Life of Giulio Andreotti, based on the former Italian Prime Minister (portrayed by Toni Servillo) who maintained office for 30 years despite numerous court cases for corruption, murder and links with the mafia. What sets this film aside for me was the super slick cinematography, which drew you along eyes sparkling. The film is off set with dry humour and a killer soundtrack - the tracks for the killing scenes are the best - to rival Tarantino's jukebox selection. Paolo Sorrentio has taken a potentially languid bio and created an intense fascination for Giulio's impish hunchback. I wait in anticipation for Sorrentio's next offering and the musical gratification it may encompass.

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