Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Death to the Rayban Ripoffs

I counted how many pairs of useless (when I say useless I mean unwearable through matters of taste rather than function) sunglasses I had in my old man's suitcase (home to a suitcase sized selection of accessory based items), 23 was the count, and in that count were 5 pairs of rip off raybans. Total the amount spent on crappy imitations equals, a really nice pair of vintage cutler and gross. I went for the easy way out. I have limited myself to two good pairs of shades not 10 'alright' ones. This summer I plan to boycott wayfarer-esque shapes and venture into the softerrounder circular numbers. I ponder - if the black circular glasses I took to New Zealand with me last summer had been better quality they may have withstood the demands of traveling (debatable). That said I probably wouldn't have thrown caution to the wind had they been exorbitant in their price structure. I urge you to send your 'ode to wannabe' wayfarers to the younger members of your family and invest in a fresh direction. Unless of course you have always had a black pair of original black Rayban Wayfarer's then it would be like asking you to surrender your favorite black biker jacket.

Here are a few images to guide you.

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