Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Let The Right One In

Yes it had to happen, it had been on the cards for some time, I finally made it to the cinema to watch 'Let the right one in'. The Swedish horror-social documentary-rights of passage-fanny flashing film which was of course thoroughly entertaining. I liked how bleak it was and yet still managed to look cool and slightly desirable, perhaps it's the Swedish thing, and the 12-year-old lead character Oskar played by Kare Hedebrant performed well as a shy little duckling who oozed indie style and music sensibility. My third most favorite scene in the film was the white poodle with perfectly manicured poodle hair that licked up the first victims blood, joint second was the bizarre arguably unnecessary 'fanny flash' and another floor licking incident when Vampire Eli (Lina Leandersson) licks Oskar's blood. And finally, first place goes to the penultimate scene - witness disembowled heads and limbs shot underwater as the heroine/baddie comes back to save the day and destroy the evil bullies. Full of humor, horror, gore and love, unmissable even after i've kindly revealed a third of the plot, however, there are still plenty of surprises, sub-plots and characters to explore.

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