Friday, 1 May 2009

Economise But Don't Compromise

Instead of treating myself with my Kiehl's goodie bag (abyssine eye cream and moisturiser and yerba mate lotion) and getting hooked on unnecessary, unproven, advertising led products I decided to flog the contents on eBay. Earning me in excess of £50, which was well needed (two weeks food budget - a girl has to eat). For all of those like me who are struggling to follow their career post-degree and are currently existing on air,  I would like to point out the benefits of toiletries which don't cost the earth, items that are available in most good chemists and often recommended and used by make-up artists in the industry.

Silverkrin Maximum Hold Hairspray

The best, strongest hold hairspray which gives you best value for your money and keeps your hair in place even after a good cycle ride or a sweaty night in Video Visions (underground basement club, where the mirrored walls steam up and the floor gets slippy when it gets really packed).

E45 Cream.

Brilliant for dry skin, great as face moisturiser and for removing heavy eye-make-up, just apply gently to the eye area until the make-up separates from your face and wipe with cotton pads to remove. 

St.Ives Apricot Face Scrub

Arguably the best face scrub money can buy, it's thick and feels like coarse clay on your face, it's the only product I’ve used that makes you feel you've completely cleansed your face and removed a healthy amount of daily grime that clogs up your pores.

 Cocoa Butter & Mallow Extract Body Lotion.

At £1.95 Boots own brand comes in much cheaper than most, it feels thick and luxurious unlike the usual watery offerings. Smells delicious, although not too intensely cocoa butter and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

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