Saturday, 23 May 2009

From Chew Magna with Love

Decided to head out of Dalston this weekend, thus far I have encountered a high proportion of dreaded folk and fields. My main treat of the morning was watching a week old foal in the buttercup filled field next door and two dragonflies 'going at it' over the pond. It made me ponder whether field bursting with buttercups was a natural occurrence forgotten from childhood or the result of the rather warm weather we'd been having. A hint at the effects of global warming. There seem to be a rather high level of aphids, perhaps due to the time of year or the summer weather, I guess this can only be a good thing for ladybirds, but is this a positive change for everything else? I feel I should keep my eyes open for other changes good or bad, linked to the hot weather. Below is picture of a 1920's Bentley I've been promised a ride in, fingers crossed!