Friday, 29 May 2009

Sticky hands, sticky feet

If anyone believes that working in a pub is glamorous well, they'd be right, for about 30mins when you first enter and your face is pretty fresh and you're not covered in Sambuca, true you're out and you're kinda having fun (whilst being stuck behind a bar as moron's decide to grab your attention by signing at you like some kind of retard). Don't ever wear a decent pair of shoes to work as they will be destroyed after a few shifts from standing in the swampy floor and having beer and all manner of things tipped on you. The only solution is to get drunk, but then you feel quite guilty about the excesses you take things to, it's 7am and you're still at work you really want to do something with your day but by the time you wake up it's too late. I'm just trying to enlighten those who thinking working behind a bar is plain sailing... rant over.