Sunday, 3 May 2009

From Bath With Love

When your friend relocates to the buzzing metropolis that is Bath you have two options to face, either bite the bullet spend your Bank Holiday in Bath or vow never to see each other again. Needless to say I found myself wandering aimlessly around the streets of Bath, scouring the charity shops for a provincial bargain, there were none (too many other savvy shoppers), are the days of charity shop bargains slowly dying? Instead, I discovered (with a little local guidance) a shop called 'Appy Daze', after a good hour of second hand jumble sale rummaging (there was a lot to get through) I left £50 lighter, armed with a black leather biker jacket and a heavy silver crucifix, London prices you say, it is a tourist spot. Tired from the morning’s efforts I collapsed in a heap on the grass and woke up drooling, dazed and decidedly tramp like. Alas I never made it to the Fashion Museum, which I'm told is quite good, still there is always next time.

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