Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Berlin Awaits

It's the eve of my trip to Berlin via London, I head off first thing and i've spent what little time I had put aside smoking spliffs and playing spotify, itunes, youtube and random google search dj, providing an excellent excuse for the house music producer next door to crank up the tunage. Forcing myself to come down from the music/friends over/smokers high I gathered some slightly damp clothes and thrust them into a probably too big for Ryanair to allow me to take on board suitcase and thought fuck it. I'm now in bed wide awake thinking about all the blog posts i've missed since Friday and how much I have to write down. I have been furnished with a list of new spots to check out and cultural places to visit, i'm almost set. Just time to reminisce over past visits, like the first time I went and found myself having missed the plane stuck in Berlin airport for 12 hours on my own tripping my tits off.