Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Power of YES!

All the life changes I have gone through of late, new home, new city, new job (or lack thereof), new life with boyfriend (now failed relationship), new housemate (plus feisty kitten) have taken there toll. Not one to buckle under the strain I have sought many avenues for solutions to my problems, counsellors, careers advisers, friends, self help books on getting over breakups, finding new love, examining family history, and pretty much speaking to anyone that will humor me, let alone listen.

At a friends birthday party recently I stumbled upon a rather glowing girl who told me she was setting up her own business in ebooks, concentrating on self-help - it wasn't up and running but it soon will be, more to follow on that one. I leaped at the opportunity to delve into her brain and seek out advice, she played the yes card to me. I was supposedly closing myself off to amazing adventures by failing to see the opportunity and said I should question more thoroughly the no's in an attempt to find more yes's. A slightly more sensible option than simply saying yes to everything, non? I mean imagine what kind of idiotic places and situations you would get into, besides there are situations where only no is appropriate. Since then i've turned my no's into yes's on two notable occasions.

Last Thursday shattered after a heavy nights partying and a long day I was offered a ticket to Yeasayer, who for my sins I had minimal experience of, I immediately thanked my Crack contact and explained I was too tired. As I soaked in the bath, I thought about what glowing energy said to me and knew I had to go. I called back, once out of the bath of course and cycled in the rain on my own to the gig. After less than simple negotiations with the list keeper I was granted access, upon entering I ordered a drink at the bar with trepidation, gigs alone can sometimes have a self-conscious streak to them. Yeasayer delivered an outstanding performance although the falsetto tracks provided a sickening twinge of Mika, much to my stomach's disappointment. I was delighted by how rammed the place was, it certainly felt like the hot ticket.

My next adventure from no to yes came on yesterday as I took part in the filming for Casualty, it just seemed like more effort than it was worth, and it was to a certain extent, but that was the point. I went through the experience and had a tale to tell at the end, I played a stall holder, I got a free cup of tea, ooh and a banana, watched some people in hospital attire say the same lines over and over. I guess the highlight was ticking that Bristol box doing the most quintessentially Bristolian thing possible, well aside dating a dubstep dj or becoming a hippy?