Thursday, 25 March 2010

Every Little Hurts - Say NO to TESCO

As the sun shone down on the squatters at the proposed Tesco Metro site smack bang in punk protest territory, Stokes Croft, Bristol. The Bailiffs carried out the dirty work, whilst the police on horseback complete with riot gear maintain order under the watchful eye of the press and a sea of camera phones.
As the final protester is removed from his pirates lookout he makes a last ditch attempt to scale yet another object, a crane, the dance of the dying swan carries on for a good 30 minutes, much better viewing than homes under the hammer. It was a social day out bumping into many friends we discussed the perils of Tesco patronage and noted that in these times its very difficult to avoid supermarkets for sheer convenience and cost. I will be interesting to see how well utilised the Tesco's and the cash machine which will most probably accompany. I guess the trick is to not shop there unless you absolutely have to? We managed before...

The fear is that Tesco's are dominating the area and causing a potential threat to local businesses and jobs. With Britain spending more money overseas and less inside the UK the balance is shifting out of favour. We should be supporting our own economic system and addressing the import / export imbalance.