Thursday, 18 March 2010

I've got the key... so watch it yeah.

Sometimes it's worth standing up for yourself, even if it is against a car and a idiotic female with an inability to face up to a situation. After mammoth cycle ride, Stokes Croft to Whiteladies Road, to the Downs, to Clifton Suspension Bridge, to Ashton Court to Hotwells, which was AMAZING btw, we hit town and peak traffic time. For those that aren't familiar with the Bristol set up, well like most cities in the UK there is a massive overpopulation of cars on the road, there's me doing my bit and getting on my bike. Cruising up the cycle lane past the almost stationary vehicles, and some crazy lady totally unaware of how a mirror functions and why, pays no attention to me cycling past and drives her car straight into my side, just clipping the back of my arm with the front of her wing mirror. Immediately I gaze in disbelief, she rolls down her window and tells me cyclists need to wait, no apology, no are you OK? And most certainly no sorry. My jaw actually drops, he husband seems somewhat embarrassed and sinks into his seat. I see red, and question her as to why she's not concerned as to my welfare? Everything happens so quickly, more gesticulation, she drives off a little the aggressive avoidance attitude still visible. I felt slightly helpless and trampled on, this woman had driven into me and showed no remorse or concern. My back is up and my housemate watches as I cycle over to the car pull out a key and noticing all the other scratches lightly key the side of her car, the 12 year old boy in me escaped momentarily. Her husband steps out of the car and tells me to stop in the most lame ass way possible, I think he's scared of her, scared of the situation, I cycle off adrenalin pumping...

* image is taken from internet, my bike is intact.