Thursday, 12 May 2011

Dancing in the dark.

Positivity can come from darkness, an opportunity to turn the lights off and focus, removing external distractions and stripping the self-conscience away. The omission of one sense forces us to enhance another, producing a relaxing acceptance of our surroundings. Sam Potter (Late of the Pier) and Eat Your Own Ears present an evening of darkness full of music. A venue devoid of light will become host to a healthy line up musicians and dj's carefully curated by the boys. Adding further anticipation the artists are planning to remain anonymous throughout. I would like to be in London for this show, at the very least to have my foot stamped on and get felt up in the dark. After the initial novelty has subsided a plateau might be attained in which to embrace a publicly sensory first, or maybe not, either way it will certainly be fun.

The night Blackout is the first of a series of music events from the collective and is supported by National Lottery via the Arts Council.

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