Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Different spots, same animal...

I think it’s important to choose your team on something deeper than merit, roots played a crucial role in my selection, I settled off Lygon which means Carlton by default became my home team. When it comes down to it though, it’s only a massive circle full of a 100,000 people wanting to belong to something, expel some pent up aggression and swear in public whilst drinking. Ah almost familiar, save the organised violence and segregated ends that British football (/soccer/whatever) provides. The day, happily sunny, my lateness caused me to arrive half time, no phone reception led me to link up with an Australian work colleague and several of his friends, all boys, an authentic Aussie experience. They were Essendon, I was a rival, local derby by all accounts and an even match, the draw created a nail biting finish, we almost won. Apparently not all the games were as exciting, but nevertheless I vowed to return.

The AFL is very similar to British football in that it has WAGs, love of 'bling' (more money than style) and scandals afoot... the latest saga AFL players all sleeping with a teenager, who posted naked pictures of them online, the manager went to alleviate the situation and then somehow ended up sleeping with her and also posing nude - go figure.

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