Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Suggestive Sax

Von Haus has now become my new favourite place, its small enough to feel friendly and with a discerning eye for the finishing touches which enhance your experience. Upstairs you will discover the Sarah Scout Gallery, once home to Eugene von Gerard in the 1850s the building reeks of character. Inside the space is spans two rooms, one semi office come exhibition space and the other a room in which to view art.

We found ourselves at the opening of a new exhibition by Lou Hubbard who appears to have strong links with the gallery and Claire Lambe (from what I gather a curator in her own right) at the Sarah Scout Gallery. The work is evocative, suggestive and somewhat cheeky, its references are suggestive and play on the feminine. I found myself wanting to pick up the truncheon, squeeze the leather and kneed the clay. It all seemed highly marketable.

One of the highlights of the evening aside the art work of course was when a friend of the artists tripped over the clear perspex, momentarily destroying the work. The clay which was unset, was unable to support the weight of the guy and fell flat, an eerie uncomfortableness swept over as we watched the car crash ensue. He managed to style it out moderately, however the entire room (which was packed) played witness to the event. The artist with a courteous smile on her face and the aid of the gallery owner graciously moulded the work back into its original form (or as near as its ever going to get).

The bathroom was magnificent

YAKETY SAX - Lou Hubbard and Claire Lambe runs at Sarah Scout Gallery, Von Haus building, 1A Crossley Street -19 May to 11 June 2011

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