Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Human Rights opens its doors to art... and protest

Human Rights is such a sensitive issue, yet when combined with art it becomes embroiled in a debate as to whether art is the main importance or the message itself, or are the unequivocally entwined - what is art without its message anyway... the selection curated by Joanna Gould and Brooke Tia Silcox, certainly covered all bases - photography, installation, film/documentary, sculpture, painting, live performance. The room at No Vacancy gallery inside the QV building filled up quickly, I was glad to have arrived with a little time to move freely before the polite shuffling began. Skateistan is a project in Afghanistan empowering children by teaching them to skate, the video documentary by Jacob Simkin explores the impact of the project, by working closely with five children, and developing their photographic skills in the process.

Same sex weddings, are forbidden in Australia, the piece documents many couples who would like to be married but are unable to because of their choice of partner.

This piece was fascinating - see shaky (out of focus explanation below).

I became embroiled in a protest outside where some hard nut Palestine protesters were up in arms as their art work wasn't included in the exhibition - it later transpired that a work from the artist was selected, he decided to add a further piece a few days before which was declined as it hadn't even been seen by the curators. I ended up getting shouted at by an angry lady for not being able to argue with her, as I stated that wasn't informed enough to give her the answer she was looking for, this acted like a red rag...

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