Thursday, 19 August 2010

Booming Marvellous

Last weekend I was in Buckinghamshire, on the grounds of the rather fancy Stowe School attending a ska, reggae and rockabilly festival. Once upon at time it was called Recydrate the West, unfortunately cancelled in 2008 and reborn last year as Boom Town. The boys at Crack magazine very kindly sorted me out with press passes in exchange for wordage, full festival review can be found in the upcoming issue. It was my first time sleeping in a van at a festival a completely different experience. The comfort, space and convenience of being able to chuck anything you want into a vehicle at just rock up holds no bounds. We had three duvets a mattress, four pillows and several parties. We did however fail to stock up on anything other than water and alcohol; save toilet roll and a pot of luminous candy floss (?). Thus spending the weekend trading with fellow van’ners for staples such as bananas and chocolate, this proved to be a great ice-breaker. My friends also managed to both lose their phones, which I managed to recover, making new friends along the way. It was the perfect size to wander around totally at ease in the knowledge that you’re likely to bump into someone you want to hang with, or get picked up by someone from Trojan (and run away).

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