Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Mother Me

Right from the opening of Mother you sense you are witnessing something special, beautifully shot the film pans South Korea’s countryside where the sky meets the trees, and the trees meet a field full of golden corn. Cue mental looking middle aged woman swaying rhythmically to a music all of her own. Director Bong Joon Ho delivers a delicate balance of humour, suspense and modernity to this ‘who dun it’ drama, presenting a slice of small village life.

Mother played by Kim Hye-ja is a one woman struggle to clear her mentally retarded son Do-joon’s played by Won Bin name of murder; great lengths are reached, with many salubrious skeletons unearthed in the race to find the killer. The plot plays out refreshingly, seamlessly reaching climax, I felt party to the story as it wound to an amusing close. The film is South Korea’s submission for Best Foreign Language Film and the 82nd Academy Awards. Kim Hye-ja also won Best female performance at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. The most watchable film I’ve seen all year, save A Prophet; go and check it out.

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