Sunday, 8 August 2010

A Rose in Blossom

Bianca Rose sister of Natalie Rose (one of my closest and best friends) got wed to the wonderful Kenny last week; it was a momentous occasion full of love and sunshine. The days celebration was packed to the hilt with music - live band, singing, solo performances including a rather amazing rendition of My Baby Just Care for Me by Nina Simone - and dancing - synchronised on-mass shuffles, dance offs, all female walk offs, the whole shebang.

This being my first African wedding I found it difficult to control my fascination, a sensory overload especially where the clothing was concerned. I haven't been allowed this close to people wearing such wonderful and exotic fabric before, everyone looked so regal in their outfits. I studied in detail the intricate folds in fabric from dress to head wrap and pattern versus colour.

I was a great fan of the one fabric/colourway for all tradition; this had quite a striking effect when standing out from the crowd.

The food was fantastic, I gorged on jollof rice, fried fish, wedding cake and festival*. I witnessed with glee, a slender looking man eat NINE of the *heavy doughnut balls and come back to fill his napkin for the journey home, dedication to the cause - Michael and I managed three a piece and couldn't do anymore.

The beautiful and inspiring Natalie (Bianca's sister and my connection to the wedding) in her Maid of Honor ensemble.

The family have many talents, Bianca in particular is an accomplished yet extremely modest singer songwriter, who has for the last year at least taken a break from performing/writing. Now the wedding is over she can focus on her singing, what a waste otherwise. Check her out performing What Will Remain from her Truths & Tiny Tragedies ep of which I'm lucky to have a copy, email me for a lend. You can also see her charismatic chat here and vocals here.


Anonymous said...

Bianca is amazing, I love her voice, so natural, when can I see her perform?

Martina Randles said...

Soon, hopefully soon, keep an eye on her myspace.