Friday, 13 August 2010

Diane on Charles

I just finished my feature on fashion film for Arthur and Albert [exhales deeply], it was a biggie, three interviews and a lot of research cut down to 1200 words, I look and at it and wonder - all that effort and I’m still not convinced anyone will want to read it. Is it like that with everyone or just me, hopefully the former.

One of the excerpts that didn’t make the cut was Diane Pernet discussing her young protégé’s Tavi Gevinson and Charles Guislain. Tavi, 14, famed blogger was invited by Pernet to judge her fashion film competition One Minute Light Series. My housemate Noah’s new friend Stanley gushed about Charles, a super skinny 17 year old who’s been getting a ridiculous amount of press attention. Diane to me the story about how they met “I was doing my first festival, we took a break in this empty room, Charles and his mum were sat on another. I remember thinking that has to be in fashion he was all decked out in Margella and Raf Simmons. A month later I saw him at the Gautier show, I began to see him at all the shows - he always got in. Then he sent me a note on Facebook about wanting to show me his sketches, we met for tea and that’s how it happened. I'm trying to consult him, he has two more years of school, his dream is to go to Central St Martins.”

You can read more from Diane in my fashion film feature in the September issue of Arthur & Albert Magazine.

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